Wedding Information

Worship Center

Thank you for your interest in First Baptist Islamorada regarding your upcoming wedding. We receive many requests each year for either ministerial services or facility usage. There are many organizations in the Florida Key’s which provide wedding services. However, as a religious institution we take seriously our part in sanctioning any marriage especially considering the high divorce rate in today’s society.

As our first obligation is to Jesus Christ, we want to make sure that each couple is beginning their marital journey with Him as their foundation. The chances of a long term marriage are much more likely for those who do so. Keeping these things in mind, we have some very simple guidelines and principles for those desiring a religious service.

1) We ask that each couple be active in a Southern Baptist Church or one of like faith and doctrine. In order to confirm this, we ask you provide an endorsement (written or verbal) by someone on your church’s ministerial staff as to your participation and involvement.

2) Furthermore, we strongly believe in the value of premarital counseling of some sort. If your current Pastor is going to pursue this with you, we would need an endorsement from your them that you have pursued pre-marital counseling through them or some other counselor. We are willing to provide counseling for local residents only as this is a major time commitment.

3) Ceremonies not requiring the use of FBC’s facilities are subject to a set fee of $200 to pay the officiating pastor for his time and preparation. Use of facilities will require significant additional charges. Contact the church office for this information. (No Pianist available)

4) Finally, we need to have ample notice on the time, date and place of your service for our own scheduling. We will only schedule a ceremony once the above endorsements have been received.

Hopefully these guidelines are within your capability. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our church office at 305-664-4910 via website or personal email. We look forward to making you wedding a Christ-centered and honoring experience.